Miniature Texas Longhorns

Drake Longhorns is home to one of the largest herds of Miniature Texas Longhorn cattle in the country.

Miniature Longhorn cattle are Texas Longhorns that have been bred down to a smaller size. They are normally less than 42 inches tall, and at Drake Brother longhorns, all but two of our herd is under 42 inches tall. The herd is split between Illinois and Texas.

Not Everything "Texas" is big.

Meet Strawberry

Strawberry is Texan from horns to hoofs. Calm, friendly, likable, helpful and playful. He would probably recite cowboy poetry if he could. Come meet Strawberry and learn more about him along with all the other miniature longhorns at the Drake Brothers ranch.

Proud Parents

It can get darn right romantic at times at the Drake Brothers Ranch. And that means we get to announce the birth of several fine miniature Texas longhorns each year. Come see the cutest and most recent additions to our herd.

Sale Pen

Drake Brothers Ranch offers up for sale members of our miniature Texas longhorn herd. There's a wide variety within the herd, so you might find just the kind of miniature Texas longhorn in our sale pen.